On the Fly

Hi just thought I would post some stuff that I am playing around with in my home studio.

Allthough I normally write compositions ( there are many), a couple of nights ago I loaded up a drum track (single loop not with fills) and had a bit of a jam with it. It sort of resulted in a tune that I now call “On the Fly”.

It begins with the funky clean guitar, I then add an overdriven guitar using a line 6 pod which becomes a Hook and then developes into a solo.

It is in its raw form, been pretty much live one guitar recorded and then another directly after that. There are two overdriven at points and a clean guitar.

I'm thinking of adding  some keyboards, possibly a rock organ.

So at this point it is the raw germ of an idea that I will cut and paste into an arrangement and more likely rewrite using some of the recording and sections of it.

Might have some bass to the track soon using a bass I have here and play it myself?

I have included only the first section up until bar 48 in it's raw form.

Will post developments…..

On the Fly 1

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